Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meeting The In-Laws

A few years back, my wife's grandmother passed away. Attending the funeral was to be my first true interaction with her family. We arrived early at the funeral home, so were able to greet every single person who walked through the door.

One of the last in the procession of mourners asked where I was from. "Chicago," I replied. "Oh," he said, "there's a lot of black people there."


"That's a joke."

No, it's racism. But how do you start a fight at a funeral without looking like a total d-bag. I hold my tongue for my wife. Why? Because it's family.

Submitted by: Mark, Illinois

Wow. Sounds like even death isn't sacred anymore. Even if it were a joke (which I agree it wasn't) how is that even appropriate?


  1. One of my pet peeves is when someone is relaying a story to you and they feel the need to refer to the color of the person (usually the person is being portrayed in a negative manner) and the color of the person has NO relevance to the story. A lady at work would always say "this black guy..." or "this oriental lady..." like it mattered what nationality they were. One day she relayed something that happened to her on the way to work and she didn't mention the color of the person so I had to ask. Her reply, "white, what does it matter". So, I flat out told her, the worst bigots in the world are the ones that don't know it. She didn't get it

  2. I totally agree with you Owner. Thanks for sharing.

    One of the things I hate is when a person says, "they're on of the good ones". Uh, there are good and bad people in every group. Race, gender, faith or culture doesn't determine if someone is good. It's their personality and soul that does.