Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Never Give Your Parents Your Work Number

I arrive in the office (9:20am) and sneak inconspicuously towards my desk. If I tiptoe no one will notice I am late. Jamie rolls his eyes when he sees me.

Still I don't think Ted noticed. In fact he doesn't appear to be here, nor does Andi. "They are in a meeting with Jay." Rob says guessing what I was thinking. I hate it when he does that.
"What is the meeting about?" I ask
"Timekeeping." Rob says and then bursts out laughing.
"I hate you." I say blushing.

I go up and make tea for the group. It's my penance for being late.

When I get back to me desk Jack Ethan and Rob are crowded around it playing with me phone. It is now on loudspeaker and no one can seem to change this. Great.

At that point my phone rings - I shush the guys so I can sound professional on my call.

"Good Morning Small Anonymous Publishing company, Kate speaking" I say in my best posh voice
"Cactus! Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy Birthday dear Katie happy birthday to you!" Sings my dad down the phone.
Oh God I think I might die.
"Er thanks Dad." I say, "But it’s not my birthday today it's Emma's" (my sister)

Note to self - giving parents your work number is a bad idea.

Submitted by : Kate, London, UK



  1. Buy the man a calendar for his brother's birthday.

  2. hey i followed you, do the same for me... im just clickin around your blog at the moment.

  3. lmao
    yup, dad would get punch on that one :D

  4. Oh this is hilarious! I can see the cringe that was on your face! I must say though,my parents and my hubbys parents are all deceased now and I know this is hard to imagine but YOU WILL MISS THAT ANNOYING phone call one day...hopefully for you...many years from now. I saw your post on the coffee shop. Check me out too! http://llmoore2.blogspot.com

  5. We spend our childhood emberassing our parents, we spend our adult life cowering from revenge. LOL

  6. To this day my mother still calls my brother and I to sing Happy Birthday. It's a horrible rendition but full of love. I don't seek revenge for it because the looks she'd get in her office when she sang probably took care of that.