Friday, October 30, 2009

A Spooky Secret

The air is crisp, breezes have a slight chill and the leaves are crunching under my feet. It's the end of October and tomorrow children will be going door to door to receive rewards for living out their imaginary lives. While my hubby and I sat on our couch plowing through a three pound bag of Tootsie Rolls "for the kids" it took me back to a specific halloween night.

When I was seven a cousin of mine volunteered to take me out that night. My mother obliged as would any parent of a chubby child who has to walk excessively. Oh, the whining. As an adult I'd probably shot myself if I had to listen to child me.

Well, I soon discovered that this was more than just a special night of bonding. She took me on the bus and we travelled to a different part of the city. It was the neighbourhood that the boy she was forbidden to see lived. Now, at this point, I just want to get me some candy. As we go to each home they're in their own world holding hands and talking.

I quickly become disillusioned with the whole experience. This area of town is hilly. There are three to four flights of stairs to get to each home and fences in between so you can't cut across. My little rotund self had to work hard to earn my sweets that night. My clown costume which was snug in the middle had legs which were far too long would catch under my feet during the epic journey to the sugary summit.

Why did I have to be creative this year? Why couldn't I settle on a plastic mask you couldn't see or breathe through along with a plastic smock that had My Little Pony galloping across or She-Ra raising her sword. Sure, the heat and condensation formed under a mask was uncomfortable but it didn't compare to the torture of physical activity.

I soon gave up. Not one of my prouder moments but I was tired and hyperventilating. I didn't want to trick or treat for a few years afterwards. I would stay home and hand out candy with my mother. She would almost push me every year to go out fearing I was missing out on my childhood. I did eventually tell her why I avoided the ritual. I told her when I was thirteen. On that particular day I was a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding to the boy she was forbidden to see.

Happy Halloween to you all.

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