Thursday, November 5, 2009

You'd Host an Interesting Funeral.

The poll was about cracking jokes in the same room as a corpse. here's how you voted.

Always Acceptable only got 1 vote.
Never Acceptable got 2 votes.
Only If The Family Initiates got 5 votes
Okay If You disliked The Person got 2 votes.

I have to say that I would like to go drinking with the 3 people who voted
Always Acceptable & Okay If You disliked The Person. I have a feeling it would be a really good time.


  1. I am LMAO to all of it. Funny poll, funny responses, and funny comment on the results! I just wish I could have thought of a poll like this when I had a poll gadget on my blog! LOL

  2. lol... thats hilarious! im sad that i wasn't following you when that poll came out. Well at least let me go to the bar with ya'll and we can joke at passing precession's. lol.
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