Friday, October 23, 2009

Birth of an Outlet

Just about all of us have them. They can be the most encouraging and loving people in our lives. They can also be the people that drive us crazy the most. They are our family members. They have the audacity to do and say the most bat shit things to us. These are things that would lead us to start a bar brawl or castrate a stranger if it were anyone else.

There is a bloodline, though, that gives them shelter from their offenses. We smile politely, nod and pour another glass of whatever on the dinner table has the highest alcohol content.

What we are here for is to remind you that yes, you are sane. Yes, that was bewildering and uncalled for. No, not fighting back doesn't make you a pussy, it makes you decent.

This is a community for something universal: being in a family. We are all your brothers and sisters. We are all here to support you. This is not about attacking others. This site is about letting go and moving on with a few laughs along the way.

Enjoy reading. Enjoy posting. Welcome to the family.