Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our First Poll

The "Meeting The In Laws" story was shocking. We're all agreed that racism is completely uncalled for and evil. Had something else been said, like an actual attempt at a joke, would it still be considered inappropriate? Why not ask the faithful readers? Let me know what you think and we'll publish the results. The poll closes a week and 5 min from now.

Meeting The In-Laws

A few years back, my wife's grandmother passed away. Attending the funeral was to be my first true interaction with her family. We arrived early at the funeral home, so were able to greet every single person who walked through the door.

One of the last in the procession of mourners asked where I was from. "Chicago," I replied. "Oh," he said, "there's a lot of black people there."


"That's a joke."

No, it's racism. But how do you start a fight at a funeral without looking like a total d-bag. I hold my tongue for my wife. Why? Because it's family.

Submitted by: Mark, Illinois

Wow. Sounds like even death isn't sacred anymore. Even if it were a joke (which I agree it wasn't) how is that even appropriate?