Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Sugar Motherload

We were at my mother's house and she was thoughtfully trying to give us halloween safety tips. She knew we were taking our daughter door to door for the first time. I could tell by my husband's expression that he felt she was talking down to us. She did have that kind of tone but its just her and I'm used to it. Anyway, she saw a story on the news about sex offenders and was telling us how we could avoid them. My husband then says, "We have to go to those houses. They're going to have THE best candy". It was the first time I ever saw my mother speechless.

Submitted by: Anonymous, Indiana

I have to agree. The ones who are working an angle will have the best product. Just don't go into their "haunted house". We'll never see you again. In all seriousness, be safe out there this Halloween folks.