Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Christmas Michael Bay Killed

With the holidays upon us I find myself looking back for experiences to share within that time. A lot of the recent ones involve my in laws since marriage required me moving to Illinois away from my family.

Last year as the adults sat around the dining table talking one of the children came up to us. "You know what I hate?", "What?", we all asked induldging the 11 year old. "Japs" he said. Well, that sure silenced us all for a second before an uproar ensued. When asked why he would say such an awful thing he stated that he had just watched Pearl Harbor and loved it. We became riotous again at the fact that he could love that movie.

Now we of course explained how horrible a thing that is to say and why it is wrong. We then pointed out all the Japanese products he loved, namely his television and gaming system, and told him that if he truly hated the Japanese that he had to now give them up. He quickly changed his position. If only solving all racism were so easy.